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The Journal of Experimental and Basic Medical Sciences was founded to publish medical basic and experimental studies. It also includes medical clinical research.

The most important task of the basic sciences is to know normal physiology and explain the pathophysiological mechanisms and the mechanism of diseases. If the mechanism of the diseases is well explained, the selection of the treatment (surgery, medicine, etc.) necessary to restore the patient's organism to normal condition becomes easier. In this context, our journal includes studies on disease mechanisms, drug, chemical, toxicology, experimental studies, human and animal studies. Our journal is published in three issues each year (April, August and December).

The Warburg Effect on Cancer Formation and Progression

Gökçen Kılınç, Hadi Sasani, Oytun Erbaş

Effects of Ketone Bodies on the Brain

İlayda Toprak, Hümeyra Güler, Ayşe Safiye Genç, Oytun Erbaş

Human Health Impact of Cyanobacterial Toxins

Selim Soydan, Oytun Erbaş

Sleep Disturbance: Impact on Psychiatric Disorders

Ensar Demir, Merve Nur Sevinç, Oytun Erbaş

N-Methyl D-Aspartic Acid Receptors: An Overview

Dilek Daşdelen, Aylin Kayaaltı, İlknur Altuntaş, Oytun Erbaş

The Effects of Metabolic Syndrome on Psychiatric Disorders

Elif Şentürk, Hadi Sasani, Berzah Güneş, Oytun Erbaş

Human Prefrontal Cortex: Regions and Functions

Ece Sarı, Oytun Erbaş

The Immune-Inflammatory Responses in the Elderly

Merve Arı, Mehtap Odabaşı, Oytun Erbaş

Alcohol Use and Cancer: A Critical Review

Güler Dilara Solmaz, Hadi Sasani, Oytun Erbaş

How Can a Virus Infection Treat Cancer? Relevance to Non-Human Viruses and the Use of Oncolytic Viruses

Pemra Nesil, Züleyha Pestil, Oytun Erbaş

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