Büşra Aslan

Department of Nursing, Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Epidemiology, etiology, pruritus, sarcoptes scabiei var, sca- bies, treatment


Scabies is an itchy skin infection caused by Sarcopte scabiei var hominis. It be seen this in all societies, regardless of race, sex, age and socio-economic status. It is estimated that there are approximately 300 million cases per year. As they can live longer in cold environments, they are seen more frequently in winter and overcrowded environments and the probabil- ity of transmission increases. The disease is transmitted from person to person through close contact. The most important characteristic of scabies is severe itching, especially at night and after a hot bath. Itching occurs especially between the fingers, wrists, elbows, umbilical circumference and genital area. There are several treatment options for scabies. The most commonly used treatment is topical treatment. Permethrin is the preferred treatment in topical treatment. Personal hygiene needs special attention and simultaneous treatment with the infected person and their family mem- bers. Keep in mind that even after successful treatment, symptoms may persist for 2-6 weeks.

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