Osman Emre Köle

Department of Psychology, Beykent University, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Crime, environmental factor, gene X environment, genetic, monoamine oxidase A


Genetics have overwhelming importance in crime phenomenon. Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) is directly associated with occurrence of criminal behavior. Monoamine oxidase A is a polymorphic gene which divides into two groups as low-activity MAOA and high-activity. Individuals with low-activity MAOA gene are more prone to engage in criminal activity compare other people. Nevertheless, this genetic risk factor indicates differences according to environmental factors. When environmental factors are bad those individuals are more likely to commit crime but on the other hand, when environmental factors are good this genetic risk factor does not display importance on those individuals. Hence, genetics has an influence on criminal behavior but this influence depends on environmental conditions.

Cite this article as: Köle OE. Crime and Genetics. JEB Med Sci 2020;1(1):10-13.

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