Mine Ün1, Serhat Ayan2

1Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
2Çukurova University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Adana, Turkey

Keywords: Feeding, pre-pregnancy, sex ratio


Preface and pregnancy before the birth of sheep and cattle will be born in the determination of the genders of sheep and cattle will have some benefits in breeding strategy, dairy cattle breeding and strategy to help the establishment of the connect planning of the enterprises. Meat quality is important in fattening enterprises. Therefore it is desired to have female animals which are going to be born in fattening enterprises and male milk production. Therefore the determination of the sexes of chickens that will be born in pregnant sheep and cattle bring some benefits in aquaculture. Studies to determine prenatal total sex in the sun are mode by applying different methods on previous pregnancy feeding spermatozoa, embryos and fetuses. In this review, detailed information about the effect of previous pregnancy feeding on baby gender will be given in sheep and cattle which are not currently used in our country.

Cite this article as: Ün M, Ayan S. The Effect of Pre-Pregnancy Feeding on the Sex Ratio of Sheep and Cattle. JEB Med Sci 2020;1(1):6-9.

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