Hasibe Demirtaş

Bahçelievler Guidance and Research Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Brain, dyslexia, Einstein, genius


Dyslexia is known as a type of learning disorder that manifests itself in the problem of reading and reading comprehension. There are many scientific studies on dyslexia. When these studies are examined carefully, it is seen that dyslexia is more focused on its limitations than its strengths. It is known that some brains with dyslexia have been different and special since history, and what makes these extraordinary individuals differentiate from everyone else is that their brain structures are different, and dyslexic geniuses make great contributions and discoveries to lead the world. Although there have been many researches on the origin of being a genius, there are almost no researches on dyslexic genius brains. In this article, while examining the relationship between dyslexia and brain, intelligence and genius, Einstein, a genius with dyslexia, and his brain structure are emphasized.

Cite this article as: Demirtaş H. Dyslexia. JEB Med Sci 2020;1(1):32-35.

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