Gamze Nur Yüksel1, Oytun Erbaş1

1ERBAS Institute of Experimental Medicine, Illinois, USA & Gebze, Türkiye

Keywords: Cancer, enteral nutrition, gastrointestinal system.


Enteral nutrition can be continued from the mouth to the jejunum. This process targets various regions of the gastrointestinal system. When implementing enteral nutrition, the patient's needs, environmental conditions, and duration of treatment should be taken into consideration. Enteral nutrition is of paramount importance in cancer patients. With enteral nutrition support, the aim is to maintain the patient's weight and overall condition, thereby preventing complications that could lead to life-threatening situations. Inadequate nutrition is a common problem in cancer patients. If a patient is unable to consume sufficient nutrients despite having no gastrointestinal issues, enteral nutrition is provided to support the patient. It is important to monitor how cancer patients respond to enteral nutrition support during this process. This review addresses the following topics: the importance of enteral nutrition in cancer patients, considerations for implementing enteral nutrition, common complications of inadequate nutrition in cancer patients, and the monitoring of patient response to enteral nutrition support.

Cite this article as: Yüksel GN, Erbaş O. Enteral Nutrition in Cancer Patients. JEB Med Sci 2024;5(2):185-188.

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