Melda Ateş1, Nejan Saygın2

1Demiroğlu Bilim University Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey
2Çukurova University Pharmacy School, Adana, Turkey

Keywords: Amino acid. DNA repair, PARP inhibitors


Anticancer drugs aim to get rid of cancer cells by causing DNA damage but DNA repair mechanisms correct this damage and save the cancer cell. PARP is an enzyme involved in DNA repair. Rucaparib inhibits this enzyme, disrupts cell repair and drags the cancer cell to apoptosis. Studies have shown that tumors with mutated or epigenetically silenced BRCA1/2 genes are sensitive to Rucaparib. Rucaparib 's anticancer activity has been observed in various tumor types, including ovarian, breast and pancreatic cancers. Rucaparib has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of patients with the recurrent epithelial ovary, fallopian tube, primary peritoneal cancer and advanced ovarian cancer associated with BRCA1/2 mutations (germline and/or somatic).

Cite this article as: Ateş M, Saygın N. Rucaparib and its Usage Areas. JEB Med Sci 2020;1(2):47-51.

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