Yasin Polat1, Oytun Erbaş1

1ERBAS Institute of Experimental Medicine, Illinois, USA & Gebze, Türkiye

Keywords: Digoxin, heart rate variability, ivabradine, myocardial infarction, resting heart rate


In mammals, heart rates vary depending on the species. There are also such differences between species. The level of heart rate can lead to discussions about longevity between humans and other species. This is an important factor in the development of medicines or other treatments. Studies have been carried out to help living beings live longer and healthier lives. In this review, we will examine the longevity correlates of heart rate and the differences between species, together with the results of pharmaceutical experiments.

Cite this article as: Polat Y, Erbaş O. Heart Rate Dynamics and Its Role in Aging and Lifespan. JEB Med Sci 2023;4(2):140-148.

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